Joe Schleis


Austin Real Estate Group

2813 Rio Grande

Joe Schleis was born in Nebraska and raised in the Austin area. His interest in real estate began at age 13 when he assisted his father in his Austin-based property management company. Joe has a degree in business administration.

In 2004, Joe joined The Austin Real Estate Group, where he focuses on the sales, leasing and management of condos, single family homes and multi-family properties. In five years, Joe has assisted in the sale of more than $15 million in properties ranging from condominiums to multi-million dollar investment projects. Joe is also a licensed property tax consultant and has represented clients throughout Texas. He has represented more than $125 million in properties and saved his clients more than $390,000 in property taxes.


Joe enjoys running an auto racing team for which he is also a driver. In addition, he enjoys managing and playing for a soccer club in Austin.